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Probation is a sentencing option that judges use when they want to avoid jail time for someone who has been convicted of a crime. People are often placed on probation for things such as drug possession, assault, robbery or sexual offenses.

When a person is on probation, they must comply with certain conditions and rules that will ensure that they do not get re-arrested or violate other terms of their probation. These terms and rules may include requirements to report to your probation officer, abide by a curfew and stay out of trouble.

If you have been accused of violating your probation, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Alexandria VA who understands the laws and procedures involved in dealing with probation violations. Your attorney can help you build a strong legal defense to contest the allegations and make sure that you don’t serve any time in jail as a result of the violation.

There are two types of violations that you can face while on probation: technical and substantive. Technical violations are usually less serious, and can involve something as simple as a change of address or signing up for a treatment program.

A new arrest on a different charge is another common type of violation of probation that you can be facing, especially if you have been charged with a felony while on a misdemeanor. If you have been charged with a new felony while on felony probation, it is important that you hire an experienced felony probation violation attorney to represent you in court.

The prosecution can request harsher penalties if you are convicted of a new crime while on felony probation, and your attorney can use this opportunity to fight against any of these charges. We can also defend you against any disciplinary action that your probation officer takes, such as suspending your license or requiring you to attend counseling or therapy.

Your probation violation defense will begin with a hearing before your judge. Your attorney will be present and will be arguing for you to be restored to your probation.

After the hearing, the judge will decide whether to continue your probation unchanged or modify the terms of your probation. The judge will be looking at your history, the circumstances surrounding the violation and any additional penalties you have incurred so far.

If the judge decides to revoke your probation, you will be incarcerated for a period of time. Depending on the severity of the violation, your revocation could be for a period of months or years.

It is critical to hire an experienced Alexandria criminal defense lawyer who understands probation and its intricacies, including its unique rules of evidence. Your Alexandria Probation Violation Attorney will also be able to negotiate with your probation officer and prosecutors to ensure that your situation does not end up in court.

When a person is on supervised probation, they must report to their probation officer at a specific time and place each day. The probation officer will then keep track of their compliance with their terms and monitor any changes in their behaviors.

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